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Looking for grooming services in the comfort of your own home? Combs & Brushes is an affordable and family-run mobile pet grooming services. Our business arose from grooming our own pets at home. What started from a hobby turned into a passion. We groom both dogs and cats, taking care that your pet is comfortable during the process. We treat your pets like our own, using natural methods. With us, sedation is never an option. We have years of experience in the field of grooming, having provided our services to hundreds of cats and dogs around Malta.

We offer a variety of grooming services. These include brushing of short or long coats with a fine tooth comb for sensitive areas, trimming of hair to remove any tangles, nail clipping and putting on nail caps, hand stripping, washing with low-foaming shampoo which retains the nutrients on your pet’s coat, drying, ear and eye cleaning, emptying of anal glands, flea treatment with non-toxic products including sprays, dips, shampoos, etc. We are professional and qualified groomers with a great love for our job. Our number one priority is to treat your pet with the care they deserve. Furthermore, given that we are mobile groomers, we can offer our services in the comfort of your own home. Not only is this convenient for our clients, but it also relieves stress from your pet as they are kept in their own environment.

Grooming is essential for your pet’s wellbeing, as their coat needs special attention due to tangles, lack of shedding and to improve general cleanliness. Grooming can also be beneficial to your pet’s health, as during the process we can also check for skin conditions, cuts, swelling, lameness, fleas, ticks, etc. Your pets love you unconditionally, and with periodic grooming, you can repay their love by helping them to feel amazing and to stay healthy. If you require any more information about our services or want to make an appointment with us, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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What we do

We love what we do. Our Professional Team do their job with lots of passion and dedication.
Brushing and Trimming
Brushing and Trimming
Both Short and Long Coats

To have your pet enjoy being brushed, we make sure to use a comb or brush with rotating, wide Teflon-coated teeth. To groom sensitive areas, such as the face, ears, and throat, we use a fine-tooth comb. These tools will allow us to glide through the cat's or dog’s hair without any painful tugging. We finish up with some baby wipes, cleaning between the wrinkles and drying them well.

Washing and Drying
Washing and Drying
By means of Natural Products

We use specific Shampoo for the animal we’re washing and low-foaming so it rinses away easily and does not strip nutrients from your Pet’s coat. We gently wet your Pet’s faces, start shampooing at the face and work our way to the tail. Shampoo is set for several minutes. We rinse the face from shampoo by using a wash cloth and a pitcher to rinse the rest of your pet.

Nail Clipping, Nail Caps
Nail Clipping, Nail Caps
By our Professional Staff

There are two kinds of nail clippers: a guillotine type and a scissors type. The guillotine trimmer has a stationary hole where the nail goes through and a blade that moves up to cut the nail when you squeeze the handles of the trimmer. The scissors type works just like a pair of scissors. We use both styles of trimmers and choose whichever your pet feel most comfortable with.

Flea Treatment
Flea Treatment
Included in the Grooming Session Price

We use a nontoxic approach to fighting fleas. Products we use include once-a-month topical products, sprays, dips, shampoos and oral products. With any product applied directly to the pet, please remember that you may see some live fleas on your pet for a short time after the Flea Treatment session. In order for the fleas to die, they must come into contact with the insecticide, and absorb it.


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Trimming and Clipping Skills
Brushing, Washing and Drying
Nail trimming and Ear Cleaning and emptying of anal glands
Flea Treatment
Hand Stripping

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Home service Pet Grooming in every location in Malta with very good prices.


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We started doing Pet Grooming approximately 18 years ago, on our own Pets, gain vast experience through the years.

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Cats and Dogs need grooming regularly, especially long coated Pets. We excel in maintaining the best coats your pets can have.

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Throughout the years in Grooming Business, this job has become our passion. We treat your Pets as if they were our own !

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Grooming Tip 1

Shampoo should be specific for the animal you're washing and low-foaming so it rinses away easily and does not strip nutrients from coat.

Grooming Tip 2

To have your pet enjoy being brushed, use a comb with rotating, wide Teflon-coated teeth. To groom sensitive areas, such as the face use a fine-tooth comb.

Grooming Tip 3

For fighting fleas, wash your pet and his bedding weekly, and use a flea comb daily. Kill the fleas that come off your animal's coat by dipping them into soapy water.

Grooming Tip 4

Dogs like bulldogs who have loose, folded skin require special attention when grooming. The more you groom the less often they will need a bath